Introducing The Walk Blocks™! 25% OFF & Money Back Guaranteed. Introducing The Walk Blocks™! Shop now to receive 25% OFF with Money Back Guaranteed.

The Rahoo
Walk Blocks

Teaching your baby how to walk should be safe, fun and effective.

Designed by our team of pediatric therapists!

Third-party tested to be free of harmful chemicals and follow CPSC guidelines.

Get your money back if your baby uses this product and doesn't learn to walk by their first birthday.

Mastering Baby Milestones. Your purchase also includes our online video course for FREE.

“Finally a developmental tool that allows babies 10-14 months to move through each stage of independent mobility safely, effectively, and at their own pace”

– Erica, pediatric occupational therapist

1. Pull to Stand

Help baby master transitional movements, like how to move from sitting into standing.

2. Standing Play

Your baby mastered all those fine motor skills on the floor, but can they use them while they stand? Give them the perfect place to practice!

3. Cruising

Slowly increase the distance between the Walk Blocks, and gradually increase your little one’s confidence moving around on their own two feet!

Give your baby that feeling of “I did it!”

Instead of a toy that allows your baby to walk, give them a tool that actually teaches them to walk!

Based on years of clinical experience we know that babies need to develop and rely on their own skills to master walking. Truly independent walking for a baby isn’t just about strength and coordination; it also stimulates cognitive development. Every first (second, third, and fourth…) step a baby takes on their own leaves them with the most powerful feeling that exists for baby…the feeling of “I did it!”.

As parents, helping your baby learn to walk is stressful. But it doesn’t need to be.

Teaching your baby how to walk is a milestone you should cherish! Walk Blocks don’t just facilitate walking, they facilitate bonding between parent and baby, which is what we at Rahoo care about most!

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