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A baby lounger that does more

Introducing The Learn & Lounge: infant lounger, feeding pillow, and tummy time mat all in one. The ONLY product designed and developed by pediatric therapists.

Makes tummy time easier and more fun

Help your little one enjoy tummy time and gain strength

Help your baby get the best possible start in life

Learn the skills they need at each stage of development with our new online course!

The Rahoo Walk Blocks™

Instead of a toy that allows your baby to walk, give them a developmental tool that actually teaches them how to walk.

The Rahoo Learn & Lounge™

The infant lounger created by pediatric therapists’ to keep your baby comfortable and facilitate even the earliest developmental milestones.

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The Rahoo Baby Difference

We're a team of pediatric therapists and a physician, and we bring clinically-validated insights to everything we do for your family.

What parents are saying

Pamela, Oct 2020

"Our little boy absolutely loves this! It’s so convenient and great for travel. He’s so comfy and I definitely feel safe using it. Highly recommend!

Pamela, Oct 2020

Heidi, Aug 2020

"It’s about time! I am on my third child and I wish I had one of these for my older children. My son doesn’t mind tummy time anymore, and I don’t have to worry about him wearing a helmet- I was terrified of this. It’s also a perfect little lounger for him just to chill out with me! I also use it for feedings and hubs does too. Way better than a couch pillow! I’ve been using whenever we go out too. It’s nice to have a portable place for him to be comfortable on the go."

Heidi, Aug 2020

Ali, Sept 2020

"Baby cloud - fabulous! This is the cutest lounger and so soft! My daughter loves to lay on it and it’s been a game changer for tummy time! My baby girl loves being in it and doesn’t cry through tummy time!

Ali, Sept 2020

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