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The Learn & Lounge is Endorsed by Leaders in Pediatric Therapy and Early Childhood Development.

Prevent Acid Reflux

The Learn & Lounge incline reduces acid reflex preventing your baby from spitting up during and after feeds

Easy & Fun Tummy Time

Make tummy time enjoyable with flexibility to find a position most comfortable in an exercise most babies struggle with.

Develop Soothing Skills

It also teaches your baby to use their hands and develop self soothing skills, two of the most important developmental milestones.

Attention All Parents... You Can Thank Us Later!

Most baby loungers position a baby completely flat. This causes acid reflux, non-stop fussiness, and limits your baby's ability to learn; no one can learn when they are uncomfortable!

The Learn & Lounge solves this by positioning the baby at the perfect incline to help them keep milk down, comfortably digest, and continue learning.

A comfortable baby at a slight incline can develop critical self-soothing skills; so forget having to constantly hold & soothe your crying baby.

Expert Developed for Parents' Peace of Mind

Rahoo partners with the leading physical, occupational, feeding, sleep, and developmental therapists in Boston. Our job is to make sure that each product is designed for maximum safety, and optimized comfort & learning so that every child can work towards their developmental milestones.

From the people
I'm expecting my second daughter. I noticed after my first experience that a baby lounger was the most used item we had.. the baby lived in it. That being said I have been on the hunt for a new baby lounger- something that can provide more than just laying the baby in it. I wanted something that was not only great for baby to relax but to help with baby feeding, and playtime etc!! This seemed like the best to hit all my wants. It's soooo comfortable and soft I know that baby is gonna be so cozy in it and it's going to be great for big sister too to interact with her little sister. I also must add I feel extra good about purchasing something that was created by Pediatric experts!
— Britton, via Amazon
The only thing I dislike about this product is it’s price lol my new baby is suffering with reflux and this along with the colic calm has helped a ton with it. We place him on this after feedings to help with digestion and he’s cozy and not screaming, as sleep deprived parents- $100 is a price worth paying for less cry time- aka a little more sleep.
— Cora, via Amazon
This lounger is amazing! My little one was constantly fighting me with the bottle and was experiencing lots of reflux. Since using this pillow, she completely chills out (doesn’t throw her arms around at all) and I no longer hear her unsettled belly while feeding. I’m back to enjoying feeding my baby girl and cannot recommend this product enough!
— Amazon customer
My baby has reflux and this lounger helped, more appropriate for the newborn stage and worked better than the SnuggleMe and Dockatot.
— Mish, via Amazon
I was very careful in choosing my baby lounger cause I’m in the medical field- RN and MD.. we actually ended up having all- snuggle me, dockatot and rahoo cause we were gifted by our friends and family members. But I can assure all the mothers out there that this is the best! The ultimate lounger. This is the most practical and most comfortable baby item you can ever own.
— Anie, via Google
I purchased this for my sister in laws first baby earlier this year. As a new mom she wasn't sure what items would be useful and what wasn't necessary. I was sold when I learned she could use this as a newborn lounger, nursing pillow and to help with tummy time. Her baby is now 2 months and LOVES tummy time. She also said it was super useful while nursing on the couch or recliner. Would definitely recommend for any first time mom or any expecting mom looking for a great baby product!
— Marv, via Google

Did you know that only 5% of families get access to the superpowers of a pediatric therapist?

At Rahoo, we’re changing that. Our team of elite pediatric therapists has worked at the nation’s best hospitals and clinics. For over a decade, we have been helping parents overcome each and every challenge during the journey of early childhood development. We are here to help navigate every developmental milestone by creating products we believe all parents should use and education that parents can actually understand and incorporate into their busy lives. Think of us as that friend you can always turn to for guidance and advice.

The Rahoo Difference


About Us

As a pediatric therapist one of the biggest problems I see is that babies aren’t being positioned in a way that really allows them to learn.

I spent years working with parents and watching them put their little one inside of a baby lounger that positions them completely flat, unable to digest their food, staring up at the ceiling, without any of the support that they need for learning.

We're changing that...


Is the Learn & Lounge safety tested?

As medical professionals, safety is our top priority. The Learn & Lounge goes through the highest CPSC safety testing measures and complies with all JPMA recommendations.

How do I wash the Learn & Lounge?

The Learn & Lounge is Machine Washable and can be dried on low tumble dry. Thorough washing instructions can be found on the care label.

What months is this lounger designed for?

The Learn & Lounge is designed for birth to 6 months.

Can my baby sleep in the Learn & Lounge?

No. Safety is our top priority, and sleeping in the Learn & Lounge is not safe. This is an awake-time baby lounger and your baby should always be supervised.

I am buying this product as a gift for someone, is it possible to put a note inside?

You bet! Within 30 minutes of placing your order, send an email to info@rahoobaby.com. The subject line should be Gift Card, followed by order ID#. In the body of the email you can include 2-4 sentences that we will put into a card for you that the receiver will surely appreciate.

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