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Working at Boston Children’s Hospital as a pediatric occupational therapist, Matt, one of our co-founders, specialized in early childhood development. After years of listening to parents ask for advice about which baby products were worth buying, Matt realized that most products were falling short in terms of meaningful innovation. A baby product worth buying is one that prioritizes safety and has a positive impact on the course of a child’s development. After two years of careful consideration we decided that it was individuals like us with clinical expertise who should create meaningful baby products that have a lasting impact – the type we would be proud to recommend to the parents we work with. 

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The Rahoo Baby Difference 

Rahoo Baby products are uniquely designed by pediatric occupational therapists and a doctor. We’re using our clinical expertise to educate and empower parents with innovative products they can use to help their little one thrive developmentally after birth.

Meet our team

Matt Breen - Co-Founder & CEO

Matt Breen

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt is a pediatric occupational therapist. He has worked at Children’s Hospital New Orleans, Children’s Hospital Boston, and Thom Boston Metro Early Intervention. He also serves on the board of the Andrew James Lawson Foundation, a non-profit that facilitates inclusion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Erica Costa Co-Founder & COO

Erica Costa

Co-Founder & COO

Erica is a pediatric occupational therapist. She has completed a fellowship for Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental and Related Disabilities (LEND). She has worked in outpatient pediatric clinics around Boston and currently serves as the lead occupational therapist at a residential school for children with developmental disabilities.

Thomas Quinn Co-Founder

Thomas Quinn


He is currently a resident physician of Internal Medicine in Boston. Over the last decade, Tom has worked in a variety of healthcare settings, and has worked particularly closely with rehabilitation specialists both clinically and through his research.

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