Mastering Baby Milestones


Did you know that your baby’s brain grows most rapidly in the first year of life? Research has shown that the right stimulation for babies can influence how well they read and learn as well as affecting their communication and socialization skills.

We know that learning begins from the moment your baby is born. Give them the best possible start in life by supporting their cognitive and physical development.

Rahoo U teaches parents the most effective techniques for helping babies master the skills they need at each stage of development. 

In this online video course, Mastering Baby Milestones, you'll learn specific techniques to improve skills like tummy time, learning to sit, crawling, cruising, and more!



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Mastering Baby Milestones

For the first time, all parents can now have access to the developmental guidance of a licensed, expert pediatric therapist. Our online courses are affordable, available on your schedule, and provide a wealth of helpful information.


"Mastering Baby Milestones" shows parents what purposeful play and interaction with a baby looks and feels like from birth to 3 months old. 

By challenging our little ones with specific, engaging activities, we can actually isolate and work on each of the skills that a baby needs to meet their developmental milestones on time. Rahoo U courses allow each parent to feel confident they're providing their baby with the right type of stimulation, at just the right period of their development.