As a pediatric therapist one of the biggest problems I see is that babies aren’t being positioned in a way that really allows them to learn.

I spent years working with parents and watching them put their little one inside of a baby lounger that positions them completely flat, unable to digest their food, staring up at the ceiling, without any of the support that they need for learning.

As a pediatric therapist at Boston Children’s Hospital one of the first things I learned is your baby truly needs to be comfortable, because it puts them into the right neurological state, which is what we call a regulated state. If your baby is in a regulated state, feeding your baby is going to get way more successful and way way easier.

They are finally going to be able to digest their food better, and their learning is going to increase significantly because now that your baby is comfortable they begin to process important environmental information ultimately leading to a much richer developmental experience.

I worked with a family who was dealing with acid reflux, and their baby would take hours to feed, only to spit up all over themselves 15 minutes later. The first time I met them, the stress was like walking into a war zone. No one was getting sleep, the baby was hungry & crying, and I felt like I could truly understand the amount of pain these parents were feeling.

The next day I sent this family a Learn & Lounge, which is designed to keep babies in the optimal position for successful feeding and provide the ability to interact with their environment. When I went back only two weeks later, it was like they were an entirely different family. The mom and baby were able to enjoy feeds together for the first time. The baby was comfortable, back to playing and learning, the parents were sleeping again, and they weren’t stressed. Truly, the entire trajectory of this FAMILY’S developmental journey had changed.

We became pediatric therapists to help children have a happy and healthy start to their life, and with over 10,000 loungers sold so far we’ve been able to help more families than we ever thought possible.