Can my baby sleep in this?
What age is this product designed for?
Why are we trying to help families avoid flat head syndrome?
How does the patented Learn & Lounge help with regards to flat head syndrome, and developmentally in general?
Where can I learn more about plagiocephaly, tummy time and developmental delays?
Is the Learn & Lounge easy to use?

What Parents Say

So happy I got one!

"We just received our Rahoo and are so excited! Our newborn loves lounging in it and tummy time is a lot more controlled - I feel like it is safer and more supportive of her upper body/neck/shoulder. I get scared with her on the ground, sometimes she flails her neck in all directions and this gives her a needed support. I also love that it's relatively affordable (especially in comparison to other similar products that aren't multitaskers!). It is also well made, and I love the neutral color/pattern. Thanks for making a great product!"


Mar 10, 2020

Great for my newborn and beyond

“My little girl loves this and I love it even more, knowing that I can place her in it and she is is comfortable, safe, and supported. It is a quality lounger and I love the ability to use the other side for tummy time. The removable pillow also cradles her head nicely. I would definitely recommend this to other new moms without hesitation. ”


Mar 8, 2020

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