The Learn & Lounge™




Expert Developed 3-in-1 Infant Lounger

The only newborn lounger actually created by pediatric therapists, and trusted by pediatric OT's and PT's to be the absolute safest infant positioner. The Learn & Lounge is the #1 trusted newborn pillows by pediatric therapists and trusted by more than 50,000 parents nationwide.

Use the Learn & Lounge as an:

  • Awake-time lounger: A safe space for your child to rest, visually explore their new world, and learn to use their arms & hands effectively by using a therapeutic technique called "Mechanical Advantage" which helps them develop strength & coordination.
  • Feeding Positioner: Designed with an intentional angle the Learn & Lounge promotes healthy digestion while effectively reducing acid reflux. Over 50% of infants struggle with acid reflux, and the signs often go unnoticed. The Learn & Lounge solves this problem head on because we know that if a baby isn't comfortable, they simply cant learn.
  • Tummy Time Trainer: Flip your Learn and Lounge over to give your baby the ideal surface that keeps tummy time fun, playful, and most of all, effective. 45% of infants develop a flat head by 3 months of age - successful tummy time drastically reduces those odds.


Made of quality materials that lasts: 

  • Bamboo cotton exterior cover
  • Memory foam insert for comfort and stability 
  • Easy to remove, machine washable, cover
  • Easy to transport with top handle

For mom or dad, it offers convenience and peace of mind making the Learn & Lounge a great gift (to someone else, or yourself!) that both parents and babies will love.

The importance of comfort and learning starts day 1, so join the Rahoo Baby family and welcome increased comfort in your life, and your baby’s life, by purchasing your Learn and Lounge!


Prevent Acid Reflux

The incline of the Learn & Lounge reduces acid reflex preventing your baby from spitting up during and after feeds.

Easy & Fun Tummy Time

Make tummy time enjoyable with flexibility to find a position most comfortable in an exercise most babies struggle with.

Develop Soothing Skills

It also teaches your baby to use their hands and develop self soothing skills, two of the most important developmental milestones.

A Single Product That Solves A Lot of Problems

Now instead of buying a bunch of different products that help with these essential parenting and developmental needs, you get it all in one!

The Learn & Lounge was designed by a team of elite pediatric therapists on a mission to help parents overcome each and every challenge during the journey of early childhood development.

Expert Developed for Parents' Peace of Mind

Rahoo partners with the leading physical, occupational, feeding, sleep, and developmental therapists in Boston. Our job is to make sure that each product is designed for maximum safety & optimized learning to help every child meet their developmental milestones.

Reduce Acid Reflux and Help Baby Visually Explore The Environment

The Learn & Lounge's patented design includes a slight angle that reduces baby's discomfort from acid reflux, helps them visually explore their new world, and a tummy foam insert making tummy time more fun, and more effective.

Make Tummy Time a Comfortable Learning Experience

The memory foam insert perfectly supports your baby's forearms, and protects their head during the inevitable face plants when their muscles start to fatigue.

Help Baby Learn How to Hold a Bottle

See how the Learn & Lounge helps position your baby at a "mechanical advantage" that helps them learn how to bring their hands to midline, and eventually hold onto + feed themself a bottle independently.


Is the Learn & Lounge safety tested?

As medical professionals, safety is our top priority. The Learn & Lounge goes through the highest CPSC safety testing measures and complies with all JPMA recommendations.

How do I wash the Learn & Lounge?

Babies and bodily fluids go hand in hand...So the Learn & Lounge cover is removable for easy washing. We also sell separate covers so that while one cover goes to the laundry basket, your Learn & Lounge is still ready to go.

What months is this lounger designed for?

The Learn & Lounge is designed for birth to 6 months.

Can my baby sleep in the Learn & Lounge?

No. Safety is our top priority, and sleeping in the Learn & Lounge is not safe. This is an awake-time baby lounger and your baby should always be supervised.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Margaret Fyfe

My daughter basically lives in this thing, my only complaint is that they don’t have a larger size for when she grows out of this.😂

Tayler Ondik
Life saver

My son is one month old today. He’s our first baby! Over the past month, I can honestly say that this product is the #1 thing we use the most. He absolutely loves this! It warns you that you should not allow your baby to sleep in this, however we do as long as we are sitting next to him watching him. He only slept in this the first couple days home from the hospital. It’s truly been a life saver! Cannot recommend enough!


Perfect!! My baby loves it

Carmalee Tarter


Matthew Breen
You will use this item a ton

Very functional product to use for at least the first 4 months! Absolutely recommend adding to your baby registry or buying one for the new parents/baby in your life.