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Welcome to Rahoo U 

Help your baby's development

Useful, clinically-validated information that will help you give your baby the best possible start
in life.

Designed by experts

Each course is designed and taught by Rahoo Baby co-founders and licensed pediatric occupational therapists, Matt Breen and Erica Costa.

Easy to understand

Every concept is clearly explained with specific exercises you can do with your baby to help them grow.

You've probably heard before that your baby's brain grows most rapidly during the first year of life. But what should that mean to us, as parents? It means we have an opportunity!

By challenging our little ones with specific, engaging activities, we can actually isolate and work on each of the skills that a baby needs to meet their developmental milestones on time. Rahoo U courses allow each parent to feel confident they're providing their baby with the right type of stimulation, at just the right period of their development.

"Mastering Baby Milestones" shows parents what purposeful play and interaction with a baby looks and feels like from birth to 3 months old.

Taught by licensed pediatric occupational therapists, in only 25 minutes parents will leave with the following knowledge:

  • The effect that basic love and affection has on infant learning
  • A cheat sheet for successful tummy-time, and other ways to help prevent flat head syndrome
  • How to work on, and master the development of hand eye coordination, with fun activities that work on skills like reaching and visual tracking
  • Expert insight on the importance of early mobility for a baby, and specific exercises to get your baby movin' and groovin' ASAP
  • And much more!

For the first time, all parents can now have access to the developmental guidance of a licensed, expert pediatric therapist.  Our online courses are affordable, available on your schedule, and provide a wealth of helpful information.

Mastering Baby Milestones
Mastering Baby Milestones
Mastering Baby Milestones

Mastering Baby Milestones

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