The Rahoo Walk Blocks™


Turn every room into a cognitively stimulating gross motor environment!
  • Each order comes with a set of two Walk Blocks
  • Ships compressed, arrives in a box only 14"x16"x18"
  • Easier to rearrange and safer to practice cruising than furniture
  • Soft enough that baby can safely crash into them, but firm enough to support them
  • Weighted, anti-skid bottom to prevent slipping or tipping
  • Made with rich sensory-motor textures to stimulate tactile exploration
  • Ample room on top for fine motor toys and books during standing play
  • Machine washable

Facilitate Development

Turn any room into a developmental environment! Walk Blocks encourage your child to work on pulling themselves into standing, standing play, cruising, and when they are ready independent walking.

Promote Tactile Stimulation

Encourage your baby to develop independence in their own development by keeping them engaged with contrasting textures and patterns.

Encourage Safe Play

With the oversized play surface for toys and books & soft sides to create a safe surface while supporting your baby, Walk Blocks promote development in all essential areas.

The Walk Block Story

My baby really likes this. He plays with blocks on it and various other things. I can see how it will be great for toddlers too!
— Julie A.
These are very nice and super heavy! My daughter has a hard time Learning to walk and standing. These help her stand up and practice! They are super heavy and do not move like most other mobility learning equipment. They come in a box and need a little bit of time to come to real life size. Take about 30 minutes and after that they go together very quick and easy! I’m glad they came with two because my three-year-old wanted his own so it gives her time to play on her own without him bothering her! Would definitely recommend if you are having mobility issues! I feel like the price should be able bit cheaper but we will pay whatever we need for our children!
— Josh/Emily
There’s so many products to choose from for a baby/toddler so I picked this one since it’s developed by pediatric occupational therapists. And I’m glad I did! We use it daily and it’s fun to see watch the learning and see how they challenge your baby.
— Michael
My baby wasn’t making progress with walking until we used these. They are high quality materials and kept my baby engaged for months. Even though they are pricey I would buy these again or recommend....
— Anonymous

The All In One Development Product

Help your baby practice their balance and coordination by relying naturally on their own skills to encourage development!

With Walk Blocks, babies are engaged by fun patterns to promote tactile stimulation to keep them standing while increasing their independence in discovering their movements at their own pace.

Expert Developed To Make Parenting Easier

The Rahoo Walk Blocks™ are designed to allow babies to develop their motor and cognitive skills while working through the stages of independent mobility safely and effectively at their own pace. We developed these blocks to facilitate each stage of gross motor development from ‘pulling to standing’, ‘standing play’, ‘cruising’, and ‘walking’.

Falling is part of the process when learning to move around for the first time, and walk blocks provide a safer place to “crash” into when baby is cruising/walking/playing with them.


What months are the Walk Blocks designed for?

The Walk Blocks are designed for birth to be used from 8 months through 3 years old.

I am buying this product as a gift for someone, is it possible to put a note inside?

You bet! Within 30 minutes of placing your order, send an email to The subject line should be Gift Card, followed by order ID#. In the body of the email you can include 2-4 sentences that we will put into a card for you that the receiver will surely appreciate.