The Best Infant Lounger Pillow for New York

Designed by Pediatric Therapists

For mom and dad, the Learn & Lounge™ offers exceptional convenience and peace of mind when taking care of baby. For baby, this tummy time pillow / infant lounger / feeding pillow is the perfect cradling companion and an exceptional developmental tool.

The CPSIA has given the Learn & Lounge™ the highest safety standard rating. In addition, we ship this newborn lounger, which is also one of the best tummy time products, to the New York area and beyond.

Rahoo Baby Founders

Newborn Lounger

Our baby lounger pillow and seat facilitates baby’s cognitive growth by positioning the baby in a manner that allows easy visual exploration of faces and objects.

The lounger sits at an incline of less than 10 degrees, enabling baby to relax safely and enjoy his or her surroundings.

Our baby lounger pillow includes a soft headrest that is the perfect, gentle cradle for the back of baby’s head, greatly lessening the pressure upon the head. Its exceptionally ergonomic design makes it the perfect newborn pillow to prevent flat head syndrome.

Feeding Pillow

The expert design of this baby feeding pillow includes supports on the side that help baby independently hold the bottle. It also optimizes comfort during feeding.

Because of its exceptional design, parents find the Learn & Lounge™ very comfortable to hold. With its slight incline, the baby lounger seat lessons any problems related to baby reflux while baby is feeding and afterwards.

Tummy Time Trainer

When it is time for “tummy time,” our baby lounger seat with memory foam is the ideal, comfortable tummy time pillow. Simply flip the Learn & Lounge™ over and you have the perfect tummy pillow to help increase baby’s coordination and strength.

For more information about our Learn & Lounge™ newborn lounger, pillow, and seat, call us today at 339.526.4088 or leave us a message through our contact form. We ship our baby lounger to the New York area and beyond.

The Rahoo Baby Difference 

Rahoo Baby products are uniquely designed by pediatric occupational therapists and a doctor. We’re using our clinical expertise to educate and empower parents with innovative products they can use to help their little one thrive developmentally after birth.

The Learn & Lounge

Designed by pediatric specialists


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