Why We're Creating Innovative Baby Products and Why Every Parent Should Care

Why We're Creating Innovative Baby Products and Why Every Parent Should Care

Our passion for developing the next generation of baby products - the why behind what we’ve set out to accomplish at Rahoo Baby.


We set out on this journey – the Rahoo Baby journey - in 2018. For all the time we have spent developing products, we’ve spent just as much time developing our brand. It’s been a focal point of our startup, and one that we take great pride in. What we’ve come to realize though, is that developing our brand comes down to one thing – understanding our why…In other words, when you boil it down, what’s the one thing Rahoo Baby cares about most? What’s the one thing we believe in more than any other company and therefor sets us apart? Once we understood this, our why, we started to understand what this company would stand for.

Here’s our why:


Did you know that only 3% of children age birth to 3 years old get access to therapy? This is a troubling statistic, especially when you consider that approximately 85% of brain development occurs during that small window of time. It’s not just that though; 17% of children go on to be diagnosed with at least one form of developmental delay by age 5. In other words, nearly 1 out of every 5 babies born will be faced with the challenge of having to overcome a developmental delay during childhood. Knowing this, why is it that only 3% of families are given access to the type of specialized expertise that can have a dramatic impact on early learning and development? If this type of insight exists, and can actually improve developmental outcomes, shouldn’t it be available to everyone? Rahoo Baby is our vehicle to accomplish this type of change.


The products we create at Rahoo Baby incorporate therapeutic principles that drive cognitive growth and facilitate the achievement of key developmental milestones. Given our professional backgrounds, we are uniquely qualified to not only understand, but address the unique challenges that babies must overcome at every stage of their developmental journey. Rahoo Baby is using innovative product development to give all families (not just 3%) access to the type of developmentally-rich learning opportunities that all babies benefit from.


Our why at Rahoo Baby is our wholehearted belief that from the moment their baby is born, all parents should have access to expert tools and insights that help their baby thrive. This belief is what the Rahoo Baby brand is being built on.


May 25, 2020 — RahooBaby Admin